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Dozen per week | 52 Dozen | Monthly or In Advance

Dozen per week | 52 Dozen | Monthly or In Advance

Order this plan if you want a dozen eggs a week for a year (52 dozen total) from our pastured, soy-free laying hens, delivered to your nearest drop point between Roseburg and Portland Oregon.

In Advance: Committing to 52 dozen eggs makes them 38 MoolaCoin over 1 year. You can buy all 38 MoolaCoin in advance to get today's price for MoolaCoin.


MoolaCoin Deduction: With this 52-dozen commitment we will deduct 4.85 MoolaCoin from your MoolaCount for the first dozen delivered and then 65 MoolaCents per dozen delivered for the next 51 dozen (38 MoolaCoin total over the year).


If you want two dozen a week for a year, order 2 of these. If you want four dozen a week, order 4. Etc.


If you want, we can deliver a month's worth of eggs at once. Select monthly delivery.

  • Soy-free eggs

    These are likely the highest quality, most digestible eggs you will find anywhere. We never feed any animals soy, and that makes a noticable difference. We soak their grains in fermented raw milk, which enhances the egg quality and nutrition.

  • Refunds

    Refunds, if applicable, are in the form of MoolaCoin credits.

  • Delivery

    We maintain a blog entry on this website that describes our delivery drop points and schedule. Let us know which drop point you prefer. We will provide more details when we email you your farm share invoice.

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