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Food and Information from your Private Orthomolecular Restorative Farm

Private Food Abundance Following God's Design

Orthomolecular restorative farms use NO pharmaceutical products (including NO vaccines) and no agricultural chemicals with our livestock or in our food production processes. We work in the private domain for the benefit of our private association church members. We work daily and diligently to discern God's design in all our activities. We show how our methods are rooted in scripture. We follow orthomolecular science and microbiome science to eliminate disease and to achieve optimal health of livestock, farm, and our entire farm community.


Our Helios Farms brand foods are delivered weekly to our association members living between Roseburg and Portland Oregon, and we ship to our members as well. As a member of HFPMA, you gain access to all the private food offerings in our online store. We only accept our private currency, MoolaCoin™, in our online store. All our prices are listed in MoolaCoin, which currently uses the "MK" currency symbol (borrowed for convenience until we develop our own specialized app).


You can buy MoolaCoin at When you purchase MoolaCoin, the coins go into your online MoolaCount at HFPMA. Then you can order what you want, and the price, in MoolaCoin (MK), is deducted from your MoolaCount. You receive a monthly statement showing all the activity in your MoolaCount and your current balance of MoolaCoin.



Orthomolecular Garden Ministry

HFPMA is an auxiliary ministry of The Orthomolecular Garden Church, and a private membership association formed to discern and follow God's design for farming and food production and any other activities that benefit our association members.


Membership is free. The online store at this site is for HFPMA members only. The online store has all products priced in our private milk-standard currency called MoolaCoin.


HFPMA is the first farm in a future network of Orthomolecular Restorative PMA Farms that work under the Helios Farms brand and expand The Kingdom of Jesus in association with The Orthomolecular Garden Church.

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