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Pork Leaf Lard (lbs)

Pork Leaf Lard (lbs)

SKU: lbs-leaflard-p-pma

With its high moistue content and subtle flavor, this piece of fat is great for flaky crusts or pastries. It is also great whipped and used as a lard on bread or crackers! You can render this fat into lard yourself.


These are from our new cross of Berkshire x Mangalitsa/Red Wattle. We may have found the perfect combo for Pork.


As always, our hogs are unvaccinated, unmedicated, pastured, and fed non-gmo, corn-free, soy-free, custom milled grains that are fermented in our unvaccinated, unmedicated grassfed, raw jersey milk.


They are also available as part of a half, or whole hog custom-cut offering, saving you Moola as a bulk purchase.

    1 Pound
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