Vitamin C Honey Spoons!

Updated: Jan 17

Vitamin C Honey Spoons are now a product from, Revitalize Wellness, our trusted orthomolecular supplements company: Here's a link to Vitamin C Honey Spoons!

Here's the original story that describes the creation and use of honey spoons for suppressing viral symptoms in hours: For the kids and grandkids on the farm, we suppress the symptoms of viral and bacterial infections using honey spoons:

  • Mix equal parts pure vitamin c powder (AA, ascorbic acid) and Manuka honey (or any raw honey) to make a paste.

  • Coat a spoon with the paste.

  • Give it to them like a lollipop.

  • Give them one every 30 minutes until they stop coughing and their symptoms subside. Usually takes 2-4 honey spoons.

  • Repeat when the symptoms come back.

Manuka is best if a bacterial infection, like strep, is suspected. Any raw honey works otherwise, as it's the vitamin C that suppresses the symptoms when you hit the magic dose."

The trick for kids is to get the vitamin C dose high enough to make the symptoms go away. When you use honey spoons regularly, kids tend to start requesting them when they feel sick.

I wrote this recipe originally after an experience when we had a 3 year old, 5 year old, and 7 year old all battling a nasty flu at the farm. I was being interrupted too often making honey spoons for the little hackers. (I'm the grandad working the farm, but had been left "in charge" of kids for a while).

Finally, I just took a couple tablespoons of vitamin c crystals, mixed it with the same amount of Manuka Honey, and put it in their playroom so they could make their own honey spoons and stop asking me to make the spoons for them. It worked like a charm and they stopped hacking. They seem to self-regulate on how much they take.

We like the ascorbic acid, fine powder, from

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